Life Before Google

Found in a Lancaster bookstore for a dollar. Haskin was syndicated in over a hundred American newspapers during the 1920s. If there was something you needed to know, you wrote Haskin in Washington, D.C. for the answer.

Q: Does Haskin have an entry in Wikipedia?

A: No.

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4 Responses to “Life Before Google”

  1. Haskins died at the age of 71. The obituary in Time magazine May 1, 1944 carefully noted he died from cirrhosis of the liver, usually a code word for severe alcoholics. It stated hewrote his newspaper column of Q & A for 28 years.
    In fact he had written a general interest science (electricity) column for newspapers since at least 1910. (See EL PASO HERALD, for example, on March 23, 1910, p. 8 )

  2. Hi, is the book 5,000 answers to questions or 10,000 answers to questions? 🙂

  3. Recently I pulled this book off of my library shelf, one of a few books left to me by my sister, the oldest of the siblings, born in 1929. The book: The America Quiz-And-Answer Book by Frederic J. Haskin (which led me to your site) Grosset & Dunlap, 1941, a First Edition, likely a first printing. Very good condition, not for sale. “1776 Questions about the Western World, 1776 Authentic Answers” that seems to concur with the author’s pattern of publications. An interesting note in the Foreword: “So many of us think the term ‘American’ applies only to the U.S.A. But the people of Patagonia and of Manitoba and of Nicaragua are Americans, too!”
    There are 71 Quizzes and Answers (with one exception) each Quiz contains 25 questions—the answers are in the back of the book.
    Categories include geography, famous Americans, animals, art, literature, Indians, sports, etc. Wonderful stuff.
    I took the time to take all of them and barely achieved 50% correct, which to me indicates the beginning of the education process began while I was still in school (thru 1962). From what I see from much younger friends, the situation is a lot worse now.

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