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Bird test

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Happy Halloween

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In the Province No. 3

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(Long) after Demuth’s Lancaster (In the Province No.2).  Aka Over, Up and Out (Three Arrows). Aka Beer Store Parking Lot.

Subterranean Recovery Crew

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Backyard garden excavations, 2008-2009.  Those are spring onions growing out of G.I. Joe, and the hotwheels car fittingly (but inexplicably) reads “Subterranean Recovery Crew.”  Ink on mylar.

Formstone Follies

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Keystone Kop

A little hazy on the concept of a keystone....

P.J. Bar: The B-Sides

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We Are Lancaster just posted a photo essay I took in downtown Lancaster’s P.J. Bar, and a few shots were left over.  So here are some bonus tracks.  Please check out the main gallery here.








Lick with Dick

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Via the wonderful Life photo archive hosted by Google.